A Long Run with Water Views

Treadmill running will only ever be a fall back for me because one of the greatest pleasures of running is being outside.

It’s the reason no two runs are the same, and whether it’s city streets or country paths there’s always a new view.

The first km

The first km

Even though I get fed up with some of my running routes I’d take any of them over a treadmill any day.

Living in the Redlands-so-not-quite-Brisbane means bush, glorious water views and quiet streets on most runs.

And a little increased temperature this morning reminded me my 7am starts will soon be a thing of the past for another year, better dust off the alarm clock 😉

Wednesday 26th August

Exercise: AM: 21.1km run … hey that’s a half marathon! 🙂 @ 5:34/km pace.

A couple of km in

A couple of km in

Running 20km is my benchmark for running fitness. I always want to be able to run a half marathon so I figure if there is a 20km in my weekly plan then that will keep me ready 🙂

Recent gym efforts, holidays, and a slightly erratic training program mean I haven’t been doing them every week so I decided mentally and physically I needed to give it a go today.

Running 10km is great but only takes a few km before you start thinking about the finish. 20km (and longer) is a whole different head-space. It’s like a long haul flight … you might as well settle in for the ride cos you are going to be there a while.

Looking back after half way

After half way

So this morning I settled in.

In the back of my mind I knew my out-and-back looped route was actually 21km but I figured I’d cross that bridge (running or walking) when I got to it.

As it happened I ran it, mostly because I had a sensible run and didn’t go out too fast so I was able to hold the pace steady the whole way.

Some of my muscles were petitioning for me to stop and I think I might need to get a decent massage soon but otherwise it was a great run on a beautiful morning.

I did consider CX Worx in the afternoon but was a bit too tired. Still hoping to fit in more gym before the end of the week.

Pre Run: Skim flat white from my home coffee machine. After yesterday’s muffin mayhem I decided I didn’t need anything else before setting off on my run.

Today's finishing chute ... I crossed this bridge running

Today’s finishing chute … I crossed this bridge running

Breakfast: Oats soaked in milk, Chobani yoghurt and blueberries. As well as being my most tasty breakfast this has 24g protein and 47g of carbs and blueberries! It’s the perfect post-run breakfast.

Morning snack: Went straight to lunch …

Lunch: Salad with lettuce, cabbage, radish, tomatoes, celery, lentils and cottage cheese and some veggie deli slices on an English muffin. Then I had a nut bar … not really super healthy but helped the urge for something sweetish after 🙂

My usual post run selfie :)

My usual post run selfie 🙂

If you’re thinking: ‘sheesh, not celery again’, then check out some of the health benefits of this wonder veg here.

Afternoon snack: Banana on an English muffin and a mandarin.

Dinner: Spinach and ricotta agnolotti pasta in a tomato sauce. It’s a bit of a lazy option since I didn’t rustle it up myself!

Another veggie day and fairly FODMAP friendly except for lunch which included cottage cheese and lentils – both on the hit list – although cabbage is low FODMAP as are carrots which I’ve been avoiding cos I thought they didn’t agree with me.

I might try leaving out the cottage cheese and lentils tomorrow to see if it makes a difference … time to investigate some more FODMAP friendly vegetables and do a little trial and error testing.

Til tomorrow then ….



  1. Hi There Rachael,

    I just wanted to comment on how interesting it was to stumble across your bog and read this entry!

    I love the style of your writing, but what I found most interesting and what I haven’t seen before is your method/training style to run once a week a 20km run. I think it’s a great idea and in my head a 20km run has always been one I’ve built up to perhaps once every three weeks.

    But I think like you say, it’s good to do it regularly and feel comfortable with your fitness!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and can’t wait to read some more!

    Have a nice day!


    • Hi Jayllee

      Thanks for your comment. Its interesting, I’m not sure how I arrived at what I think of as being my ‘base’ level of weekly running but its amazing what creatures of habit we are so that when we get a routine we stick to it.

      I’m sure other runners are only happy with 70km a week as a minimum and some will be happy with 30km.

      I always think we are an experiment of one and when we find what works for us and try to maintain it. That said I have had a bit of injury this year which has meant I’ve had to be careful about volumes.

      I remember talking to an older woman runner who ran really long distances – 50km races. She wasn’t fast but she had built up her body’s tolerance. Discussing it with her GP apparently he had said that if she didn’t maintain the level of training required to run those races, and say took a year off then at her age it was unlikely she would be able to build back up.

      Of course he probably wasn’t allowing for the stubbornness of runners 🙂


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