About Me

Australian Runner is a blog I started for an journalism course I was doing at UTS a few years ago.

I’m passionate about running, health and fitness so it seemed the logical thing to blog about, and when the course ended I kept it going.


This is what I look like when I’m not running

I’m Rachael, an ex-pat Scot who moved to Sydney from the UK in 2004 and then to the leafy suburb of Mount Cotton just outside Brisbane in late 2014.

After a life of fluctuating involvement in exercise that has seen me both fit and fat over the last 30 years I took up running in 2007 and found my exercise passion.

I’ve done a few marathons, a few more half marathons, 10km, one ultra marathon (100km), and lots of other distances in between.

As well as race and training updates, I blog about things that interest me as a runner and anything that works for my running and fitness as well as food and nutrition.

I’m not an expert, and we are all an experiment of one, so if it works for me it might not work for you … but hopefully my experiences will be useful and interesting.

I welcome comments from anyone with an interest in health and fitness, running, nutrition and anything that impacts on living a healthy life. There’s a lot of information out there and its useful to have a second or third opinion on the latest fads or trends.

See you on the road.


Current personal best times

5km       22:25 (2009) (21:40 in training in 2012)
10km     44:40 (2012)
14km     67:14 (2009) C2S
21.1km  1:39:05 (2013)
25km     2:02:52 (2011)
42.2km  3:48:58 (2010)
100km  19:42:32 (2010) TNF100