Food Fads, FODMAP and more Running

The idea that you are what you eat has come under fire in recent times. Fat is no longer (always) the enemy, nor are carbs, and upping protein at the expense of good quality carbs is not, it seems, always the best idea.

Diets like Paleo have been copping a lot of flak, and you better actually have Coeliac disease if you decide to tell anyone you are gluten free.

Chick peas ... out!

Chick peas … out!

Seed mix in!

Seed mix in!

Personally I don’t really care what other people put in their mouths, and I make my own decisions about what I put in mine.

But I’m a runner so of course I’ve tried different diets over the years, usually avoiding anything that makes miraculous claims or asks for a significant investment of cash upfront.

Mostly its been in the quest to reach that elusive ‘goal weight’ … you know, the weight that will suddenly propel me to the front of my age group in every race, and see me running new pbs every time.

This did include a fairly short-lived stint of Paleo – I did say usually avoiding … 😉

It made me feel a bit strange, thanks to ketosis which is one of the outcomes of this diet – though I did lose weight!

Cottage cheese ... out!

Cottage cheese … out!

Feta cheese ... in!

Feta cheese … in!

These days I aim for balance. Holidays tend to tip the scales … in more ways than one … and since I got back from NZ a couple of weeks ago I’ve been trying to redress the balance, and blogging about it here.

So now I’m trying a low FODMAP diet again as a way of managing the bloating I can often get thanks to what would seem to be healthy foods … no really it’s not the hot chocolate and bread plate from the ski slopes or a baby-in-waiting.

I’ll give it a bash for a few weeks to see if it helps …

English muffins ... out!

English muffins … out!

Rice cakes ... in!

Rice cakes … in!

I don’t know if it’s a fad diet or not, but it’s worked before, I just got lazy.

And my shopping bill won’t get any bigger as a result of swapping a few healthy things for a few different healthy things 🙂

Thursday 27th August

Exercise: 13km @ 5:35/km pace.

Thanks to the company of one of my running buddies, Nicole, I managed a decent 13km run this morning.

My legs felt tight and I really need a massage so it was probably a bit much after yesterday’s 21.1km effort but there you go.

Today's run

Today’s run

It’s done and it was nice to run a bit earlier – we headed off at 5:30am.

I’d probably have just walked the last bit if I’d been on my own 🙂

No run tomorrow, just RPM.

Nic and me after today's effort

Nic and me after today’s effort

Pre Run: A few mouthfuls of instant coffee … 5am alarm call and all that!

Breakfast: Oats soaked in milk, Chobani yoghurt and blueberries.

Morning snack
I was out and about and hungry so I dropped into Harvest and had another coffee (yay that 5am alarm call) and more muesli. I’m decided to avoid bread as it’s not high on the FODMAP friendly list and I really fancied some more muesli.

Not sure the sultanas in their version were entirely FODMAP and I did feel it a bit after but it went away soon enough.

Hey! ... how did that get in there?

Hey! … how did that get in there?

In the spirit of my new FODMAP diet I made a frittata with feta, tomato and basil. It did have spring onions in it which are not low FODMAP but I risked it and only put a couple in.

I added some wilted spinach and a simple salad of lettuce, radish and capsicum and lime juice. I’m not a huge fan of oil based salad dressings so tend just to leave out the oil.

Mmmm frittata

Mmmm frittata

Afternoon snack
Rice cakes with peanut butter … English muffins off the menu now! I may also have snuck some chocolate.

Pumpkin soup. Not so hungry for much more. Probably the chocolate 🙂

Til tomorrow then ….


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