Food Frolics and Gym Goings-on

Some mornings you just don’t want to run and even though you know you’ll be glad when you did, it isn’t enough.

Even though it might mean you end up with three days in a row of no running (what?????!), it’s still not enough.

Nothing can compel you, a dedicated runner for many years with a cupboard full of finisher’s medals and a Facebook friend list that reads like a database of the Australian running community, to pull on that all too familiar outfit and hit the tarmac.

Nope, nu-uh, nil-o chance-o, no sirree Bob, no thanks, thanks all the same.

Today was one of those mornings.

So I didn’t run when I got up, instead I did the next best thing … an RPM class.

After getting my sweat on at RPM

After getting my sweat on at RPM

So no slow plod – which was about all I could have managed – but instead a bit of a high intensity bike session with all the sprints, and standing climbs, and other indoor cycling shenanigans that leave you sweat drenched and knackered at the end.

It’s all good.

Monday 24th August

Exercise: RPM class.

Weight: 55.9kg.

Still not seeing a post-holiday drop in my weight despite the flogging I’ve been giving myself (just kidding I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it).

Since I’m still only a week into my program I’ve decided to blame my lack of weight loss to weight gain from muscle micro trauma and water retention thanks to all that gym work, offset by a slight reduction in body fat.

Well I had lots of DOMs last week particularly from Body Step, plus a lot of core work and push ups that I haven’t done for a while.

Today's weigh in

Today’s weigh in

Smoke and mirrors maybe but whatever gets you through right? …. 🙂

A week is not really enough time to make a judgement- we’ll see how it looks in a month.

Also I think I’ll cut back the weight loss check in to just Monday and Friday until something actually starts to happen once I’ve had a chance to tweak my diet a bit.


Skim flat white from my home coffee machine. Oats soaked in milk, Chobani yoghurt and blueberries … see that diet tweaking kicking in there … not!

Morning snack

By the time I got back from a 9:30 gym class and did a few chores it was nearly lunch time so I just had an early lunch.


Lettuce, tomato, celery, cabbage, and radish salad with four bean mix, balsamic vinegar and some sanitarium vegie slices (a bit of a lazy non meat alternative) with a toasted English muffin, a mandarin and some almonds.

Afternoon snack … warning bum chat ahead!

A toasted English muffin with cottage cheese and honey.

I need to cut back on apples, they always make me feel hungry and they disagree with me if I eat too many. So along with dates and anything that once had a central nervous system, apples are also off the menu this week.

A couple of years ago some stomach problems prompted my doctor to recommend an endoscopy and colonoscopy – wow, what a fun procedure that is, especially the preparation 🙂

They ruled out an ulcer, and whipped out a pre-cancerous polyp in my lower intestine –not a good sign. Not all polyps become bowel cancer, but all cancers start as polyps so I’m still glad its not there any more!

A deep fried Mars Bar!

A deep fried Mars Bar!

A poor diet is often cited as a cause of bowel cancer, especially one rich in red meat (red meat, it’s bad voodoo!). My diet wasn’t always as healthy as it is now and though I have never enjoyed the delights of a deep fried mars bar I did grow up in Scotland … and the eating habits of Scots are notoriously bad.

Anyway the upshot of that rather unpleasant procedure was a long chat with the hospital dietician about something called the FODMAP diet.

Basically, sensitivity to naturally occurring sugar is probably the reason why I (ahem) ‘react badly’ after eating too many sugar rich fruits and veggies or certain beans, grains and legumes (as well as artificial sweeteners which I absolutely cannot tolerate).

At the time I was pretty conscientious about sticking to it but of course there are things on the list that I love … like apples … so they tend to sneak back in.

I don't want to look like this!

I don’t want to look like this!

Even my beloved almonds are only allowed in moderation.

But life’s a trade-off and there comes a time in every woman’s life when the prospect of looking three months pregnant thanks to intestinal gas can no longer be tolerated … 😉

It might be time to have another look at FODMAP.

Nigella eat your heart out ... OK maybe not

Nigella eat your heart out … OK maybe not


In my quest for interesting and protein rich veggie dinners for ‘vegetarian week’ I made a grilled haloumi, lentil, broccolini (cooked), avocado and lettuce salad with a lime dressing, and followed it with yoghurt and blueberries … yeah go that FODMAP diet 😉

Til tomorrow then ….


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