If you can’t stand the heat … drink more water

A daily check-in is all very well but frankly it’s boring as batshit (why did batshit get such a bad name I wonder?).

Yep I ate food, some of it makes me fart so I’m going stop eating it, and yep I did some exercise.

A combination of these factors will probably have some small impact on what I weigh at any given time.

Oh and when I go on holiday I probably eat more food and do less exercise and end up weighing a bit more, but eventually it will drop back to where it was before I went on holiday.

... just keep off the lollies

… just keep off the lollies

As if lots of fit and healthy people don’t stress enough about what they look like without me adding my tuppence worth.

Phew, great enough of that.

Course this is still a runner’s blog so I should probably write some stuff about running but I’m thinking a bit less of the gastrointestinal and a bit more of the ‘ooh interesting, did you know?’

So my quest for the next little while is to find some interesting stuff about running and exercise and write about it.

It might be science-y stuff or weird stuff people have done, or just some funny stuff I thought about cos I read something somewhere on the interweb.

I spend a lot of time on the interweb and there’s a lot of funny stuff on there!

I’ll still have pictures but maybe just not so many of my sweaty post-exercise face or where I live.

Water, water everywhere …

Might have over done it at RPM ... drink plenty of fluids

Might have over done it at RPM … drink plenty of fluids

I was grinding away at particularly hot and sweaty RPM class this morning when the instructor hollered over the top of the music that drinking freezing cold water burns more calories.

Sounded like a bit of bollocks to me so I thought I’d investigate.

Seems my BS detector was on the money as this recent article explains.

OK so it does suggest there is the tiniest additional calorie burn, but it only takes 8 calories to restore the body to its optimal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s hardly torching calories at a noticeable rate.

This article agrees, though it does suggest if you are hot a refreshing glass of chilled water might be nicer, so you drink more of it when you need to.

Fair enough!

Of course if you are doing a hard work out then your body temperature goes up, so cold water might be a better option than room temperature for staying cool while you train, right?

Feels great ... but you won't run any faster

Feels great … but you won’t run any faster

Yes according to this article but what’s interesting is the study it cites suggests while cold water can delay an increase in core temperature, it might also marginally decrease performance in some exercises … OK so its bench presses but hey someone wants to do them well.

I was also reminded of a running coach telling me that pouring water over your head during a hot run was a bad idea.

Something about impacting on your body’s own ability to cool itself down effectively by fooling it into thinking it was cool enough so you worked harder.

Don't end up like this dude this summer

Don’t end up like this dude this summer

According to the New York Times ‘Well’ blog, usually a pretty good source of information, a study found pouring water over yourself during a workout would make you feel better … but it wouldn’t make you any faster.

That was considered a good thing since if you could override your body’s innate heat monitoring system and run faster you might end up with serious heat illness.

So I could kind of see where the running coach was coming from, but it was still wrong.

One thing all the articles did agree on was the need to drink lots of water when its hot, whatever its temperature or your mid-race showering habits.


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