In praise of Parkrun … and in search of motivation

Pink and puffing at today's Parkrun. Photo courtesy of Cleveland Parkrun

Pink and puffing at today’s Parkrun.
Photo courtesy of Cleveland Parkrun

I’m a bit of a Parkrun convert and I ran my 6th Cleveland Parkrun today. When Parkrun first came on my radar I thought that maybe it wasn’t serious running so I wasn’t interested, but obviously that’s rubbish.

Now like so many others I’m hooked, and I’ve shuffled my schedule to be able to fit it in most weeks, and every week I’m racing the same girls in or around my age group … mostly they beat me but once in a while I’ve snuck past them.

It was a hot one today and I’ve run every day this week so I was happy with 24:44 since my goal was sub 25. That’s the great thing about Parkrun, whatever happens it’s only 7 days till you can head out and try again … whether that means doing it differently cos you got it all wrong or doing it the same cos everything went according to plan.

And no matter how many times you run the same course no two Parkruns are the same … the weather, the number of other runners, how tired you are, so many variables make every run a different one.

And being able to run recover and run again in a week means you can track your performance and get immediate feedback about yourself as a runner.

It’s been a while since I ran what might be called a great time and while I’m inclined to put it down to age its only just over three years ago I ran my 5km pb.

Back then my speed work and gym work were a bit more consistent and I made a big effort to lose a lot of weight so I was the fittest I’ve ever been.

I’m not convinced I‘ve got the will power to get back there but looking at today’s Parkrun photos I decided that I need to find a little motivation to lose couple of kilos.

I mean how hard can it be? 🙂

My running buddy Emma and I are toeing the line for the Gold Coast 50 (2*25km relay) on Sunday 13th December, which is 5 weeks away.

Trying to lose weight before an event isn’t always a great idea but since its unlikely to be a fast one anyway I don’t really have much to lose … except maybe 2 kilos.

So I’m going to resurrect my daily food and exercise and weight check in … mostly for me but if you want to read and comment then I’m cool with that 🙂 And the post run selfies will be back too.

Of course Parkrun is about more than just racing a 5km every week to see how fast you can run and whether you can beat other chicks your age. It’s a fantastic community event that promotes health and fitness and seeing everyone out there having a go on a hot Saturday morning is awesome.

And with any luck I’ll make it to 10 Parkruns before the end of the year.

Till tomorrow then …


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