Run, run, run, run … volunteer!

Apart from the 4:30am alarm call I had a great time volunteering at the Brisbane Road Runners Club 5 & 10 mile championship races this morning. As a BRRC member volunteering once a year is mandatory … and should be.

Getting photobombed by running buddy Tess

Getting photobombed by running buddy Tess

Without dedicated volunteers clubs like this (including my other club Bayside Runners & Walkers) wouldn’t survive … and there would be a lot of grumpy runners.

And the volunteers who rock up once a year don’t do anywhere near as much as the long standing organisers who fall into a whole other category of dedicated.

Thanks guys!

Baysider Kailey in the 5 miler ... this is why the call her 'Speedy'

Baysider Kailey in the 5 miler … this is why they call her ‘Speedy’

Saturday 22nd August

Rest Day – though I did stand about for a couple of hours dispensing cups of water.

Weight – no weekend weigh in.

Pre volunteer duty (about 5am)
Instant coffee.

Breakfast (about 4 hours later)
Skim flat white from my home coffee machine. Oats soaked in milk, Chobani yoghurt and blueberries.

Morning snack (kind of around lunch time)
Slice of wholemeal toast with banana, apple and mandarin.

Lunch (kinda nearer afternoon snack time)
Toasted English muffin with ham (not quite started the veggie week yet) followed by some almonds … early morning start and a determination not to scoff too much on a non-exercise day caught up with me a bit here but I kept control and managed not to just plunge my face into the tub of almonds.

Demonstrating my water drinking technique

Demonstrating my water drinking technique

Soup and salad.

I’ll be looking at veggie ways to increase my protein intake next week – not massively but enough to make me feel a bit fuller.

Bit of a short one today, til tomorrow then ….


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