This is not a post about running

I was at the Queensland Business Writers Conference in Brisbane today. As a fledgling freelance business writer it pays for me to go to events like this.

I may have eaten a muffin similar to this one

I may have eaten a muffin similar to this one

Not only do I learn loads but I meet lots of interesting people and get to do a bit of useful networking … good when you are still building up your business.

It was only a mini crunchie :)

It was only a mini crunchie 🙂

I knew it was unlikely I would get to run today. A solo run around Mount Cotton before sunrise … really my only option … felt like it might be a little unsafe.

And I‘m realistic enough to know that running at the end of the day (again in the dark!) after a long conference was really not that likely either.

Its tiring to be fully attentive from 8:30am until 5pm … and alas as soon as the first crumbs of the vegetarian savoury muffin that accompanied morning tea fell from my lips I also knew restraint wasn’t going to be today’s buzzword.

I’m not the first person who found themselves at a round table in a random three-star city hotel conference room trying to resist the lure of a lolly dish (I did … it was the chocolates I struggled with in the afternoon).

Serious conference face ... #chocolatefail came later

Serious conference face … #chocolatefail came later

So this brief post meets my commitment to post every day, but isn’t much of a motivator.

Except to say, it’s done and life is too short for regrets 😉 … tomorrow is another day and I’ll be back on track.

And I’ll be running 20km tomorrow morning to atone 🙂

Tuesday 25th August

Exercise: None

Food: Yep I ate some, but you don’t need to see the gory details here … 😉

Til tomorrow then ….


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